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World-famous artist HR Giger presents fans with real-seeming landscapes, special aliens, live interviews with a series of artists, and a synopsis of animated work. HR Giger Revealed allows fans a unique opportunity to be thrust into the world of surrealist landscapes, aliens, unadulterated science fiction, and eye-opening fantasies through a series of breath-taking animated work. HR Giger Revealed allows viewers a chance to live the experience of HR Giger’s body of work, including exposure to the making of his world-renowned films such as Alien. There is a bounty of scintillating visual delights to be experienced through this collector’s item, which contains rare footage, motion-graphics, 3-D animation, and art direction conducted by the artist himself. This state-of-the-art DVD is the ultimate treat for the seasoned fan of Giger. He has created this work with the dedicated, hardcore fan in mind in order to provide a first-class experience and series of never before seen material.

The HR Giger DVD includes:
* Stuff that Giger always dreamt of, come to live!
* HR Giger’s work finally 3D animated!
* Erotomechanics fellatio, Biomechanical landscapes etc. all in motion.
* Interviews with artists like Ernst Fuchs, Ridley Scott, Debbie Harry…
* Making Of the Alien and other sculptures.
* Rated for hardcore fans only!