The Big Book of Buds Volume 3

The Big Book of Buds Volume 3

Discover a new generation of marijuana varieties.

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The Big Book of Buds Volume 3 showcases more than 80 new varieties from 24 marijuana breeders. It’s the very first presentation of Wave 3 and 4 marijuana strains which are totally domesticated high yielders, bred to thrive in specific conditions – and to produce an incredible range of highs.

The breeders themselves helped us choose the varieties that they felt were their best selections, with inside in-depth information on unique traits, grow tips, plus detailed descriptions of taste, odor, and high. The result is a connoisseur’s guide to the best marijuana.

You can almost smell the buds as you look at the pictures. Tamed Hazes, Kushes, Indicas, Sativas, auto-flowering, all female, short, tall, single stem, bushy, green, orange, purple, black, short season, long season, indoor, outdoor, sweet, sour, spicy, minty, fruity, berry, acrid. Learn everything you want to know about these plants – how they grow, various clutivation methods, the different highs and medicinal qualities.

This wish list and resource guide features over 150 color photographs. Marijuana afficianados and gardeners alike will find this a valuable addition to their libraries.


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