Encyclopedia of Cannabis

Book that first comprehensively inform and map out a list of cannabis varieties. Information from yields, growing time through plant genetics, their effects, use in medicine, content of active substances and other information.

Verfügbarkeit: Nur noch 4 vorrätig Artikelnummer: 1893


A beautiful two-part, full color book authored and printed in the Netherlands. Each of the 1.200 pages have been dedicated to a different cannabis strain which includes detailed information on yields, growth cycle, plant genetics, Sativa/Indica ratios, content of cannabinoids, cultivation advice and general troubleshooting. The consumer ratings obtained from several cannabis forums were included for additional information. We have detailed a complete 1.200 strains, from over 100 reputable seed banks. Each strain has its own unique QR code linking you to our website for additional information that is not detailed in the book. You will also find links to each seedbank website available on our website, thus providing a direct link for consumers to purchase seeds.


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